Alhoda Hajj Group, located in San Ramon - California is proud to offer Hajj and Umrah packages to Muslims in United States for this season. We at Alhoda Hajj Group have the experience and knowledge to manage a successfull Hajj/Umra campaign through our years of experience.

Hajj Packages

Client Testimonials

As you remember, Al-Hamdu Lillah, I made my 1st Hajj with my mother using your company in 2001. I want to thank you for the great service that you provided us. The honesty about what to expect and what might happen was told to us in full detail by you and your assistant. We felt very safe, comfortable and extremely well treated with you. Since then, she's been saying that she only wants to use your company. She feels very safe, very well treated and comfortable using your company.

Samer Shammas